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Bring shoes your kids can run in and we’ll begin the day with a game of soccer (before it gets hot). We have pinnies + some cones to designate play area. Let’s start with a super-fun mom search for dog poop while the kids get the field set up.

LARPing is live action role playing, often involving the making of foam weapons + a sword “battle.” If you have packaging foam, duct tape, cardboard, PVC pipe, paint, and/or costuming pieces, please bring those so the kids can assemble creative weaponry + costumes. We can set up a battleground or put on a play, however they want to take this. For those who aren’t into battles, this is a great day to bring makeup or face paint.

Breakfast for lunch, or BFL, will be served potluck-style on decorated tables outside around 12 noon. Let’s plan to share lunch together under the trees like fancy people, no hats required. If you have table decorations, we’re happy to use whatever is brought. We’ll make tea + coffee to fancy things up. Please bring a breakfast-y dish to share!

Next week will be our last, so let’s talk about our field day challenges!

This week, it’s all optional! Please bring:
This morning, we are playing soccer! Please come on time (or close) so we can team up.
Weapon-making materials and/or costuming
A breakfast dish to share, potluck-style (plus any decorations you wish!)
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Up next: Only 1 week remains!

May 8 Dog Olympics / Track + Field Day / Popsicle Party (Obstacle course)
Obstacle course for people + dogs /  Water balloon catapult /
Challenges to win silly, spray-painted trophies (here, or here) /
We’ll end our semester with a smorgasbord of popsicles!

May 14-16 Camping at Sand Dunes National Park
We’re getting organized for this trip. If you’d like to reserve a spot, please check the camping post to see if there’s still room.

June 5 Bear Creek Lake Park (with a Clear Creek alternative) swimming schedule begins!

August 20-23 Camping at Pickle Gulch Park in Nederland. Sign up here.

September 11 First day of Fall Semester 2023

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.


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