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This year’s photo dump! Extra thanks to Ari for capturing the first dozen photos, below. Sunburns, wind, thunderstorms + rainbows = a full-range camping experience. What a great trip!
Mark your calendars to come next year, May 12-14, 2023.

It’s one week away + we’re NOW FULL!

Our two nights at the Sand Dunes in group campsite A, Pinon Flats Campground. Tents only, 40-person limit with 9 vehicles. Check-in to the campsite is at 2 pm, but you can come earlier + check out the Dunes. (We probably won’t get there until 3 or 4pm.) Checkout on Tuesday is at 1pm.

RSVPs: Christine (4, paid), Leah (2, paid), Monica (3, paid), Cloe (5, paid), Ari (2, paid), Becky (2), Kirra (2, paid), Leah (3, paid), Erin (3, paid)
= 26 ppl + 9 vehicles (currently $20/family for both nights)

Each family owes $20 for this trip. My Venmo is @Christine-Emming or you can pay me cash when I see you next. Please be aware that this is a national park, so you’ll also need a daily park pass for every day that we’re here, or, if applicable, the free kids’ fourth grade pass covers it all.

Things to know: Many, many picnic tables here, so don’t waste packing space with that. Chairs are nice tho! Three fire pits all next to each other on one end of camp. We have multiple bear boxes on site that are shared, plus our cars are only 20 yards away (max) from the table/fireside area, so storage options are plentiful. Tents must be put up on the sand inside our designated space, so we’ll be sleeping within 10 yards of each other. Lots of space for larger tents, don’t worry. There is a small, heated bathroom with flush toilets+ running water a short walk away, as well as a market for buying wood/water/minimal food items you forgot.

Shared meals

We naturally gravitate to the fire chillier mornings, so plan to eat breakfast with everyone. The whole day’s schedule is on-your-own, or we can make plans over the fire pit.

The following meals are totally optional, but make camping life easier for those of us who cook + clean up! All meals are served with a sprinkle of sand to ease digestion.

May 14 – Dinner @ 5pm
Arrival potluck! Bring whatever you’d like to share + we’ll assemble it, potluck-style. BYO tableware.

May 15 – Dinner @ 5pm
Grilled cheese smorgasbord the evening of May 15. Compile your sammie from the assembled offerings + we can cook ’em up fast on multiple stoves. To participate, bring bread, a cheese you like, an optional topping or a side to share.

More things to see…

On the way in, we always stop at the Chalk Cliff Fish Hatchery, where each person gets a half-gallon bucket of fish food to throw to the baby trout. There are bathrooms, it’s free + it’s not far off the beaten path. For wacky fun on the way in, you can also stop at the UFO Watchtower.

We’ll probably wander over to the Zapata Falls Trail (Zapata Falls Trail, Mosca, CO 81146) during the day on May 15. It’s a .9 mile, out-and-back trek, + every other time we were here there was either a lightning storm or it was still frozen.

Return trip on May 16, my family wants to check out the Crestone Ziggurat + visit the Joyful Journey Hot Springs (the pools here are covered). Unless it’s way too hot, then we’ll definitely skip the hot springs! If anyone wants to join us, all are welcome.


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