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Mondays – Our fall semester planned out for your convenience. Review + download here, though edits may be made.

Wednesdays – Our fall semester planned out for your convenience. Review + download here, though edits may be made.

Here’s our organizing document, in case you lose the PDF copy.

Overview / Our collective of homeschool families meets weekly to form friendships, adventure and learn together. We contribute to a consistently accepting, encouraging environment where all people may opt in or out of any activity without pressure and are free to be themselves.

Our Rhythm (very flexible, times are included here as reference only)

10  am           Free play! Arrive and set up Welcome/Activity Table

11 am Theme exploration

12n                  Lunch + group discussion of next weeks’ activities

12:30              Lunch clean-up + calming activity

1-3 pm Theme exploration or group activity

2 pm                Tea time – this may or may not be shared with COVID

3-3:30             Outdoor play

3:30                 Clean up inside

4p                    Lock up – all can play outside until ready to leave

Welcome table / Each week, you’re encouraged to bring something for the table. Art supplies, puzzles, games, books, interesting bits, whatever you have that you’re willing to share. These supplies do not need to be related to the theme; they can be anything! This table is available to give inspiration or offer an alternative activity to anyone who needs a quiet space or simply a place to be at any point during the day.

Calming activity / This time can form organically, depending on how people feel on a particular week, but we’ll hold this space for quiet. Bring a yoga mat to practice, if you wish. Quiet alternate activities – art, puzzles, board games – are invited.

Teatime / Taking turns to make tea or lemonade and serve each other sets the activity up as a welcoming space. We will invest in a few boxes of tea as a group, or make lemonade to share. If the kids want to bake during free play time, they’re welcome to make food to share as well. (And yes, coffee is totally allowed.) *Because of COVID, we’ll take this slow. It’s been a lovely, all ages tradition of inclusion for us, but there’s a lot of fear as well. If you’re worried, but you’d still like to push ahead, let’s bring our own mugs/cups and plan to wash them separately as well.*

Themes / All involved children and adults submit their top two interests to the group – anything from building levers to Picasso-style painting. Themes based on the interests of individual group members will be drawn from a hat and assigned a date. We will plan to touch one interest for each child within a semester and all of them within the year, though some will likely overlap or be combined. Each week we’ll discuss next two weeks’ themes, collaborating to bring materials for the theme during lunch break. Our goal here is to support exploration of the topic while curbing additional spending and to involve the kids in planning. Themes can be formally presented, or left out for discovery and exploration, as decided by the group.

Guests / You are welcome to invite people – families, relatives, anyone! – to join us for a week, provided they’re willing to respect the boundaries we’ve set for the daily rhythm. People interested in joining the collective will be added to a list with consent from the group. Respectful, open discussion regarding prospective members is expected. Drop-in fee is $10/family.

Waiver / A personal liability waiver for all adult members to sign is being drafted. In it we agree to share this space and that no one is to be held responsible for injuries on the property. This will include the loss of small items (teapots, cups, toys) stored on the property.

Investment / A one-time payment of $125 will be collected from each family at or before the semester begins. We will organize the dates and pay by semester to hold us all accountable and promote attendance consistency. Cash, check and web payments are accepted.

YOU! / You are valued here. Speak your mind with kindness, as if we’re all team members with the best of intentions – because we are, but we won’t always show up at 100% and we all know how that goes. Trust that we’re hearing you. There will be days when we fray at the edges. Take a deep breath and realize that means we’re getting to know each other better, that we’ve grown past all the walls. We’ll have to bump up against the divides before we can build the bridges, and that’s what we’re doing here: building.

Updated 073021 CE

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