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Passing Time @ the Emmings

Picture from before the snow wrecked our picnic habit. Our loose-knit “schedule” normally includes lots of out-of-house activity, so we blast into schooly activities right away. But now we are home constantly, AND have George at home, checking in, telling us to be quiet when he has conference calls. No running to the craft store …


Lots of candles were dipped, including some funny-shaped ones…. Coloring proved a popular afternoon activity for waiting your turn. Thanks again to Angela Sherman-Winger for many of the photos above.

Some of the strangest performances I’ve witnessed were given this day. And I have zero images of the pioneer place because we were tech free! Popcorn strings and yarn dolls were made by candlelight, and some were upset when the lights went ON. Others – those of us over 12 and crafting in the dark …

December 4 – We arrived to a newly decorated IHCC, complete with Santa chair and mask! Our knitwear creations were slowed by the appearance of a mouse, quickly trapped (he wasn’t shy), admired by all and set free by the “river.” Thanks to Angela Winger for contributing pictures this week.