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Last Week in Pictures: October 30

M – October 31: Halloween Smells + Yells

It’s costume time! Please bring a costume – nobody needs to wear it the whole time, but let’s dress up. It’s supposed to be lovely outside, so we’ll set up there until afternoon. Our activities: Ghost in the graveyardWe’ll start the day by trying to find ghosts. See the ghost? Run! Donuts on a stringWho …

AR – November 1: Stuffy Play

It’s Stuffy Play Day! How does your kid play with stuffies? Veterinary play? Farm pretend games? Stuffy school? That’s what we’ll do. Bring your kids’ favorite animals and supplies to support that favorite activity. We’ll also bring extra fabric and sewing supplies/fabric glue. Our craft will be to sew + adorn stuffy sleeping bags, clothing, or …

Last Week in Pictures

AR – October 25: Halloween Party!

Time for our Halloween party! Come in costume and bring a themed dish to share. If your family has a favorite decoration idea, craft or party game, please bring it! We are definitely doing the donut-on-a-string activity – because it’s fun! If you’d like to participate, please bring one donut for each family member (or …