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Last Week in Pictures

Thanks to everyone who joined us for making our semester so much fun! Can’t wait to see what we do next year. Happiest Holidays, Wildlings! Pictured above: Monday, December 13 holiday party; Saturday, December 18 Full Moon Hike; + Wednesday, December 22 indoor camping (with more and more soap).

Last Week in Pictures

AR – December 6: LEGO Robotics + Sports

Interesting combo, no? You can’t see me, but I am winking. This week we’re exploring LEGO robotics, using Jessica’s kits* – just so we’re not all mixing up our bricks. These STEM kits work by pairing LEGO’s robotics app with a battery-loaded motor. We’ll use the app to code each contraption to move. Kids can …

AR – October 11: Stop-Motion + Squishees

To the movies! This week, we’re going to collaborate to make stop-motion videos. This task will include design + props, story, narration, and whatever else the kids want to add, as well as a “show” at the end with concessions. Your child is welcome to devise a vision that includes other kids or to work …