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Last Week in Pictures: November 27

Last Week in Pictures: November 13

We’ve had a lucky streak, but here’s the winter weather… So pretty though. Sorry, we didn’t get any photos – or permission to post! – from yesterday’s swimming contingent. Fingers crossed for sunshine this coming Thursday!

M – October 10: International Potluck

This week, each kid/family is representing a country and sharing a recipe from it. Please name your dish in the country’s language (or an approximation) and in English. If you’d like to research more about the country to share in an informal presentation (of the child’s choice), some suggestions are below. Decorations, flags or costumes …

M – October 3: Aeronautics Day

We’re doing all the engineering + flying things today! I have popsicle sticks, and we have a glue gun + rubber bands in our supply kit. Please bring any other materials your kids need to build an egg-drop contraption. An egg life jacket? A parachute? Foam? We’ll build and toss from a high place – …

This Week in Pictures: September 25

This Week in Pictures: September 19

M – September 26: Tie-Dye + Messy Painting

This was pretty popular last time, so we’re excited to tie-dye again! We’ll be taking turns, dying wet items in shallow bowls or tubs. I have a set of colorful dies + plenty of rubber bands, plus a shibori kit to share, but no extra dye-able gear. Adults are welcome to dye too! Please bring …

M – September 19: Soccer + Artist Trading Cards

Our semester plan is here! Download to plan in advance or be surprised each week – up to you! And thanks, everyone, for your theme ideas + input at our planning session. We’ll set up a soccer game in the morning, learn rules (or not), make teams +  play. Adults too! We have pinnies for …

This Week in Pictures: September 12

This Week in Pictures: May 14