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AR – October 18: Cupcakes + Masks – Plus an Optional Fishing/Park Excursion!

It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day! To celebrate, we’ll bake and decorate cupcakes. We’ll use two boxed mixes + I’ll bring some piping bags, some empty, some with homemade frosting. Please bring some icing your kiddos can eat – some of it comes in bags already! – and discuss safe options for decorating without licking communal …


IH – September 22: Papier-Mache

An accessible goal? Haha – reference It’s mess week! We’re doing papier-mache, using the basic paper-glue concoction to craft masks. Annie is buying a stack of masks for us to use, so bring cash to reimburse her. (Maybe $3-5/kid? Price tbd…). We need newspaper for this project! We’ll also need cardboard for building out the …