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Last Week in Pictures

AR – November 8: Dioramas

Time to build your dream world, shoe-box sized. Please bring the items you’ll need to craft a mini-world of your (or your kid’s) choosing. Bring a few items to share — paper, scissors, glue, tape, and then whatever your fam finds inspiring. We normally use a lot of natural ingredients, like feathers, rocks, shells, and …

Last Week in Pictures

Last Week in Pictures

Last Week in Pictures

Going forward, I’m going to do one photo dump/week from both groups, like above.

AR – October 18: Cupcakes + Masks – Plus an Optional Fishing/Park Excursion!

It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day! To celebrate, we’ll bake and decorate cupcakes. We’ll use two boxed mixes + I’ll bring some piping bags, some empty, some with homemade frosting. Please bring some icing your kiddos can eat – some of it comes in bags already! – and discuss safe options for decorating without licking communal …

AR – October 4 Pictures

August 9 – Slime Science

Subscribe to our email list to get session info directly. I’m posting this here to make it easier than ever to sign up. 😉 It’s slime time! Let’s provide materials for the kids to make their own slime – outside, of course! – and play with it. We’ll have a mixing table and a play …

February 26 – Solar System + Snow Forts

We’ll do these things in whatever order the kids want, probably based on the cold. Brings lots of tea, chai or hot chocolate mix! This week we’ll let the kids organize a balloon planet series, hung from the ceiling and labelled, with stars and orbiting moons, for the kids to walk around and under. Please …