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Summer Semester, Week 2: June 13 + June 15

Monday, June 13 @ 10 o’clock when you park, head toward the left side of the beach Let’s meet at Bear Creek Lake Park (15600 W Morrison Rd, Lakewood, CO 80228) around 10 o’clock. Let’s meet on the left side of the swim beach (if you’re facing the water), and set up our central post. …


Summer Semester, Week 1: June 6 + June 8

Hello and welcome to Wildlings summer semester! Hopefully you got the welcome email with how many families have signed up and the age range (spoiler: there’s 3+ someones for everyone). Just to be clear, you may come and go from these events as needed. Gonna be late? Okay. Got an appointment? No problem. We’re a …

Camping Trip Pictures + Quick Survey: April 24-26

Thanks for enduring the weather with us! We had a blast anyway, despite all the wind + cold. If you have more images for me to add, please send them! – C