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Social support for homeschoolers along the Front Range, both kids + mamas.

You are valued here. Speak your mind with kindness, as if we’re all team members with the best of intentions – because we are, but we won’t always show up at 100% and we all know how that goes. Trust that we’re hearing you. There will be days when we fray at the edges. Take a deep breath and realize that means we’re getting to know each other better, that we’ve grown past the walls. We bump up against our divides before we can build the bridges, and that’s what we’re doing here: building.

Latest Posts

M – February 6: Game + Puzzle Exchange

It’s another game day, but different! This time, bring games + puzzles your family has outgrown, didn’t enjoy, or just no longer use. We’ll figure out how to swap them fairly. (We’ll probably play them too.) We can also leave a few favorites in our Wildling tub + start a puzzle stack in the little…

Th – February 2: Play + Sledding at Sloan’s Lake Park North

We’re meeting 1:30pm at Sloan’s Lake Park North (4410 W 26th Ave, Denver, CO 80212). There should still be sledding here, or at least there are some gentle slopes down toward the lake, if the snow sticks around just right. I’m hoping there’s a nice bit of sun here, so we adults can stay warmer.…

M – January 30: Indoor Extravaganza

M – Monday. This week our semester begins, and that means two different days + locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place with the right stuff! Monday info usually posts on Friday. We’re back! We’ll start indoors with games + activities. Semester planning session starts at 1pm. Do I…


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“I am learning all the time.
The tombstone will be my diploma.”

Eartha Kitt

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