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About Wildlings

Me, surrounded by my two wildlings, aged 8 and 10

Hello, Wildling.

I’m Christine (she/her), and I “manage” these groups. Or at least I start them and happily share any management tasks + organizing with members. I started these groups because I need them. I’m a community builder, a lover of small villages, shared spaces for my kids – and all the others – to grow up feeling safe and loved. We’re learning how to co-create them together.

In relationship, I value consistency, authenticity, honesty. This route isn’t always easy, but sharing our burdens sure does lighten the load.

During the school year, Wildlings shares the cost of renting a building on Mondays to explore the different interests of the families in our group. Our total cost for the group goes to the building fees – no one makes money on this group, least of all me! If we don’t have enough families, I pay the difference because (a) I signed the lease and (b) it means that much to me to have a safe, shared group space. Drop-in fees go toward this too. When we have enough families to cover those costs, then the drop-in fees go into a fund for our end of semester party or some extra experiment or art supplies. Members vote on how to use any surplus.

On Thursdays, we meet at an outdoor venue to explore + play. There’s no agenda other than being outdoors together in a beautiful place. This will again be free for spring semester 2023, tho I find more people show up when they’ve made a small investment, we’ll try it again this way.

Ideally we are an all-ages crew, but actual membership varies by semester. My kids will be 10 + 12 the spring of 2023, and we’re looking for the kind of families who wholeheartedly show up.

I blog at, if you’re curious about my family’s journey. I’d love to hear about yours too.