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About Wildlings

Me, surrounded by my two wildlings, aged 8 and 10

Hello, Wildling.

I’m Christine (she/her), and I “manage” these groups. Or at least I start them and happily share any management tasks + organizing with members. I started these groups because I need them. I’m a community builder, a lover of small villages, shared spaces for my kids – and all the others – to grow up feeling safe and loved. We’re learning how to co-create them together.

In relationship, I value consistency, authenticity, honesty. This route isn’t always easy, but sharing our burdens sure does lighten the load.

During the school year, Wildlings shares the cost of renting a building on Mondays to explore the different interests of the families in our group. Our total cost for the group goes to the building fees – no one makes money on this group, least of all me! If we don’t have enough families, I pay the difference because (a) I signed the lease and (b) it means that much to me to have a safe, shared group space. Drop-in fees go toward this too. When we have enough families to cover those costs, then the drop-in fees go into a fund for our end of semester party or some extra experiment or art supplies. Members can vote on that.

On Wednesdays we meet at an outdoor venue to explore + play. There’s no agenda other than being outdoors together in a beautiful place. This will be free all of summer 2022.

Ideally we are an all-ages crew, but actual membership varies by semester. My kids will be 10 + 12 the fall of 2022, and we’re looking for the kind of families who wholeheartedly show up.

I blog at, if you’re curious about my family’s journey. I’d love to hear about yours too.