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M – February 6: Game + Puzzle Exchange

It’s another game day, but different! This time, bring games + puzzles your family has outgrown, didn’t enjoy, or just no longer use. We’ll figure out how to swap them fairly. (We’ll probably play them too.) We can also leave a few favorites in our Wildling tub + start a puzzle stack in the little …


Last Week in Pictures: February 2

M – January 30: Indoor Extravaganza

M – Monday. This week our semester begins, and that means two different days + locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place with the right stuff! Monday info usually posts on Friday. We’re back! We’ll start indoors with games + activities. Semester planning session starts at 1pm. Do I …

Last Week in Pictures: December 19

Happy holidays, everyone! See you in 2023.

M – December 19: Holiday Party!

Last meetup of the year! Let’s celebrate with a theme-less, Candyland-esque and generally festive holiday party! We’ll re-organize the tables + decorate. Bring any holiday decor you’d like to contribute, and we’ll coordinate it all. We have many activities lined up, and Nicole’s bringing some prizes, too. Gray + Hugo are bringing some tablecloths + …

M – December 12: Baking + Snowflakes

It’s baking week! Bring whatever your kiddos want to bake, and let’s get busy in the kitchen. I’ll try to buy some of these paper doilies on my grocery run tomorrow, so we can make these glue-gun snowflakes. (Or here in printable, if you’re not a video person.) If anyone has another simple craft, please …

M – December 5: BYO Activity + Comfort Food

BYO activity day! Whatever your kids want to do – puzzles, games, art. We’ve also missed a bunch of kids’ outdoor games due to weather or lack of immediate enthusiasm. Let’s rally + roll through zombie tag, ghost in the graveyard, four square, +/or whatever else the lovely weather outdoors allows. We’ll also celebrate National …

Last Week in Pictures: November 27

M – November 28: Stop-Motion

Stop-motion is back by popular demand! Let’s bring personal devices for picture-taking + stop-motion creation, along with any props/set design options. I’m not sure if we’ll have a “show” or just go person to person, show-and-tell style. Anyone can weigh in on this via group text, which I renamed “Wildling Mamas” instead of the list …

Last Week in Pictures: November 13

We’ve had a lucky streak, but here’s the winter weather… So pretty though. Sorry, we didn’t get any photos – or permission to post! – from yesterday’s swimming contingent. Fingers crossed for sunshine this coming Thursday!