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Coming soon! More details as soon as I get them regarding the new fall sessions, but I am getting kind-of excited to do PEOPLE again. You?

Wildlings is a secular, social group for homeschoolers and their parent(s). And we’re expanding! We’re going to have two groups:
• one (hopefully) set in Indian Hills on Wednesdays
• one more city-centered in the suburbs, likely on Mondays

Families are welcome to join either for a cost around $125-160 for a 13-week session, or both for whatever that price will be. Hoping to keep the costs in this ballpark, but still negotiating. Nobody in this group makes money from it. Families volunteer to provide materials as they’re able, and help to clean the rented space after our sessions.

Again, we’re hoping to keep these groups small and familiar, with mixed ages, expecting a regular family attendance of 6-10 families (depending on the size of our space). Our main goal is to build an inclusive and welcoming community; we just happen to explore cool ideas, follow rabbit trails, and share materials + experience along the way. Like it or not, everyone is super involved in deciding what to do each week. Our themes range from handcrafts to dodgeball to digging holes (aka “mining”), depending on the kids’ interests and the day’s energy.

Please reach out if you or someone you know would like to be considered for a group. I’m not huge on phone calls, as you may have noticed, but can be reached at christine [at]


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