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Yes, it is National Potato Day! And that deserves all kinds of homage. We’re going to bring potato dishes to bake and share, potluck-style, and use raw potatoes to carve hand stamps to decorate wrapping paper – or whatever else you wish!

We’ll aim for a starch-heavy noon meal.

Games + Activities Table
We will continue to share a table of games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. Bring whatever your kids are enjoying now + want to share.

This week, please bring:
Potato-themed dish to share
Carving materials and paper to craft potato stamps
A blanket/chairs/hammocks for outdoors
Lunch + snacks for your people
Tea + coffee
A game, craft or puzzle to share


Nov 3        Free Play
Supplies tbd

Nov 10    Costumes + Charades/Plays
Random costuming + wigs for a role-playing adventure    

Nov 12 Group Hike – Friday @ 1pm (Deer Creek Canyon)

Nov 13 MAMA Hike – Saturday, November 13 @ 9am (Mt Falcon East)

Looking even further into the future? Download our semester plan.


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