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Monday, June 27 @ 10 o’clock: Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood

This week, we’re gonna do some fishing + exploring at Pelican Point, a fishing + picnic area within the park, to start. Bring whatever gear you use and follow the park’s signs to the little fishing outcrop. Those who don’t fish, skip it! Or come exploring along the lake, preferably with a small net!

Meet on the left side of the swim beach (facing the water), and set up our central post. Please bring all of the sunscreen, food and water, plus something to sit on.

Wednesday, June 29 @ 10 o’clock: Anderson Park, Wheat Ridge

We meet near the playground – it’s past the pool + fields, then off to the right of the final parking lot. When everyone arrives, we’ll walk west along the creekside trail to a bend where the water slows, maybe 1/3-mile down. This is where we typically hang out much of the time.

This park has a shallow spot for safe swimming or tubing (potentially, water-dependent), hiking, exploring, tree climbing and tall trees/shade. No bathrooms nearby the waterhole, but plenty of tree cover…and restrooms within half a mile for emergencies.

Questions? Please text/call me if you can’t find us – 303 – nine four nine- 7517.

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