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December 18 – Cookie Swap @ the Emmings

Please join us for an informal tea party and cookie swap at the Emming house. (I’ll text the address, rather than post it here.) Come and go from 12 noon to 4pm this Wednesday.

Open-ended play session at noon, starting with finger sandwiches, fruit and veggies. Feel free to bring something to share, if you like. But I’ll have GF + DF food + cookies.

Bring two (2) dozen cookies to share/exchange.

Know that we’ll probably eat most of them along with our tea, rather than the traditional “swap” style – or at least this has been my experience with kid-swaps.

Please label your treats (i.e. “GF”) so we can eat safely around any allergies. The kids can play, indoors or out. We’ll set up tea and cookies around 1:30/2pm, then people are welcome to stay and play.


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