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January 29 – Art Books and Painting Mess, plus a Side of Breakfast

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! Hello, friends. I’m excited to be packing up my materials crate again. We have a couple of new families joining us this week! Let’s ease back in with some quiet arting… and games.

Plan to make (and eventually clean) a giant art mess. Bring any art books you have lying around – from modern to the “masters” – along with art supplies to share. We’ll need everything from paints to papers to loose parts. The goal is to create! I’ll bring plenty of liquid watercolors, and a couple of tarps to protect the floor, just in case.

We’ll make and share a group breakfast, aiming to eat at 12 noon. Feel free to prep your dish onsite. We have the use of an oven, stovetop and microwave, plus sink, refrigerator and limited counter space. Bring plates and utensils for your family. Bring something to eat that your family members enjoy and please know what’s in it, so we can share safely as we do have allergies in the group.

After lunch, rejoin the art making or launch into board games or outdoor play. We’ll do tea time around 2 o’clock.

This week, please bring:
$125 in cash or check for this semester (except guests!)
The 2 (or 12) snacks your kid requires before lunch is ready
Your family’s favorite breakfast item(s) for group lunch
Utensils + plates for your family
Inspiring art books
Scissors, glue, paintbrushes, paper + other art supplies
Cold-weather gear – lots of snow and a very icy parking lot!
Game or puzzle to share


I’m distilling all of the input and ideas for the semester into overlapping projects, which I’ll list in full…eventually. Many of us wish we could use bits of nature for everything, and we’ll have to wait til warmer weather for many of our beautiful ideas to work.

Nature Treasure Wreath
  • February 5: Nature Treasures Wreath + Play Dough – We’ll use our salvaged and found nature bits to craft a wreath. Everyone has these little collected bits, right? We’ll use those to decorate a wreath shape for each child (and/or you). When we’re finished, let’s make some colored-by-nature play dough to use with the rest of our nature bits.
  • February 12: Physical Fractions + Symmetry!


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  1. Planning ahead… I’ll be bringing a plug-in belgian waffle iron for waffles w/ strawberry sauce. If anyone wants to bring a GF/DF mix, you’re welcome to use my iron. 😉