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Monday, August 15 @ 10 o’clock: The Frog Pond, along Clear Creek, Wheat Ridge

Due to an algae overgrowth at BCLP, we’re going to meet along Clear Creek at one of our favorite swimming holes. There’s a parking lot off of Kipling and W 43rd Avenue (map link above, actual map below). You will just head south into the brush along the deer trails until you find us – or you can use the Wheat Ridge Green Belt Open Space lot directly off of Kipling and make your way over. A swimming hole is available, or kids can tube around the dome, too. On the other side of the water is a rope swing, and there’s a frog pond here too. Bring some lunch, swim gear, sunscreen, water, towels + a net for frogs.

FYI – Lakewood’s website says they’re treating the lake with a peroxide derivative this week to calm the algae, so I’m hopeful we’ll spend next week there and paddle board once again.

Wednesday, August 17 @ 10 o’clock: Ralston Central Park + Splash Pad, Arvada

School’s started, so we should have the run of this place! This park has a free splash pad, lots of playground equipment, large picnic area, wilderness space, bathrooms, and a paved trail. The kids also bring buckets to carry water onto the play structure – to make them less hot! Please bring all of the sunscreen, food and water you’ll need.

I (Christine) am headed out of town today + unable to attend. Please introduce yourselves!


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