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It’s baking week! Bring whatever your kiddos want to bake, and let’s get busy in the kitchen.

I’ll try to buy some of these paper doilies on my grocery run tomorrow, so we can make these glue-gun snowflakes. (Or here in printable, if you’re not a video person.) If anyone has another simple craft, please bring it! We can also slice some coffee filters into snowflakes, that’s easy. I’ll also have a puzzle + some board games.

And let’s plan our holiday party!

This week, please bring:
Whatever craft, art or game your kids want for today
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Up next:

Dec 19 Holiday Party!        
Theme is Nightmare Before Christmas – the rest to be planned! This is our last gathering for the fall semester.

End of Fall Semester 2022! In case you missed it, review + download our calendar.


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