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We’re going to start with a group game of Wizard Tag – like all good magical creatures. The Wizard holds a wand (it’s a pool noodle), chooses an animal + then runs around in a determined space, tagging others. The last person tagged is now the Wizard. I will bring supplies for this, mark out the area with our cones + start it up at 10 o’clock.

Circle at 10:30am with Monica, just after our opening game/activity, to introduce the day’s theme + schedule. We’re practicing this opening for our group every week, but it is not required. If anyone has strong feelings about this, let’s practice respectfully opting out (remaining outdoors or sitting quietly in a chair are great choices).

This week’s options:

Perler bead creatures – Indoor setup for play in the usual spot.
DnD – Bring a character already prepared (go complex or easy with the D&D Beyond app). Zach will be our dungeon master (thank you!) + set up the game.
Boba smoothies – Bring the smoothie ingredients you want + we’ll do this around lunchtime, so everyone can make + have a drink. (Christine will prep boba for everyone.)
Potion-making – Outdoor setup with lots of water, jars, glitter, + food coloring
Resin art – Outdoors, provided it’s not windy. If you’d like to try it, bring a bug or plants along with a silicone mold. Resin takes 24 hours to dry. This will be a one-at-a-time craft as we have limited supplies + it does not come off skin/clothing/table/anything! (Hint: If you end up buying a silicone mold, get something small like this or this that will also work for next week’s milk plastic toys.)

For next week, let’s discuss talk about who wants to dissect what + get a group order going.

This week, it’s all optional! Please bring:
Perler bead miscellany
Smoothie ingredients
A glass jar with lid for each child’s “potion” (or 2 or 7…whatever) + some food coloring, glitter, tempura
Resin mold + stuff to put inside it (optional)
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Up next:

April 10 Easter Science (Martin)
Egg hunt / Dissolving peeps / Milk plastic toys

April 17 Dissection Day (Emming)
Owl pellets / Group dissection (order materials) / National Cheese Ball Day

April 24 – Rocks + Spray Paint (Jordan/Germé)
Concrete molds for garden art + planters (looking at you, mushrooms!) /
Rock painting, rock pets + whatever else / Make silly trophies for field day

April 28 – Field Trip to Colorado Railroad Museum @ 12 noon (pending)

May 1 LARPing (Soccer)
Live action role playing that usually involves the making of foam weapons
+ a sword “battle” / Makeup + costumes

May 8 Dog Olympics / Track + Field Day / Popsicle Party (Obstacle course)
Obstacle course for people + dogs /  Water balloon catapult /
Challenges to win silly, spray-painted trophies (here, or here) /
We’ll end our semester with a smorgasbord of popsicles!

May 14-16 Camping at Sand Dunes National Park
We’re starting to get organized for this trip. If you’d like to reserve a spot, please text
Christine to let her know!

In case you missed it, review + download our spring session calendar.


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