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We’re meeting 1:30pm at Majestic View Park (8880 W 72nd Ave, Arvada, CO 80004). We’ll be meeting at this park all of December. Here we’ll also have access to an indoor space – the nature center – where we can still gather when it’s cold, or use to warm up occasionally! (I believe they also have a normal bathroom in here.) Yes, there’s a playground – also plenty of climbable trees.

This park has paved paths, a lake, grassy fields, a nature center, shade + picnic tables, basketball, tennis, climbing trees, porta-potties, + play structures. Come explore with us!

This week, please bring:
Outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing
Sunscreen, snacks + drinks for your people


It seems easiest if we use a single park for each month, rather than bouncing around. I am going to spread us out northeast and southwest, then centrally again. My goal is water nearby + a nature play area, whatever else we find is extra. To suggest an alternate park, if you wish, please email me!

December 8 – Trail Walk at Majestic View Park (1:30-4:30p)

December 15 – Skateboarding + Scootering at Majestic View Park (1:30-4:30p)

Any suggestions, votes or input on our upcoming parks are welcome! Possible Winter/Spring locations for 2023:
Van Bibber Creek Trail (5575 Ward Rd, Arvada, CO 80002)
The Stone House (2900 S Estes St, Lakewood, CO 80227)
Memorial Park (8001 W 59th Ave, Arvada, CO 80004)
Paco Sanchez Park (1290 Knox Court/3240 W 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80204)
Matthews/Winters Park (1103 County Rd 93, Golden, CO 80401)
Robert F. Clement Park (7306 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80123)


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