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We’re meeting at 1:30pm at Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge (9210 W 80th Ave, Arvada, CO 80005). Find out more about the park, which is free to enter, here. We’ll be meeting at this park all of January. There are no play structures, only nature trails + water. This park is flagged as a prime habitat for birding. Also, “this urban Refuge is home to more than 120 species of birds, coyotes, red fox, beaver, turtles, deer, and more!” – lifted from their website. Come explore with us!

Because I’m not sure what this park will look like, let’s prep for walking in snow or mud, and the possibility of wet kids.

This week, please bring:
Outdoor, weather-appropriate clothing
Sunscreen, snacks + drinks for your people


It seems easiest if we use a single park for each month, rather than bouncing around. I am going to spread us out northeast and southwest, then centrally again. My goal is water nearby + a nature play area, whatever else we find is extra. To suggest an alternate park, if you wish, please email me!

February: Sloan’s Lake Park North
March: Matthews/Winters Park

Collected future options: O’Kayne Park (Lakewood), Bear Creek Greenbelt (Lakewood), Robert F. Clement Park (Littleton), Clear Creek Canyon Park, Gateway Trailhead (Golden), Paco Sanchez Park (Denver), Memorial Park (Arvada). Feel free to suggest one!


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