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Our last session of spring semester! Let’s craft our best obstacle course of the whole year. Bring any supplies you’d like to add into it + let’s go!

We’re going to do a water-themed day instead of the field day we had planned. Squirt/water guns of all kinds! A few water balloons are okay, but be prepared to clean up the pieces afterwards. I’m bringing a hose + sprinkler for the front yard of the church, too. Swim gear + towels are necessary. We’ll talk boundaries before we start + set up a war zone on poop hill + beyond. 3 quick rules:

  1. No face hits. Ever. If you hit someone in the face by accident, make sure they’re okay.
  2. No guns + no dripping in the church! Please use a towel before going inside.
  3. Respect the safe zones – we’ll mark them out with chalk + discuss in advance. The penalty for spraying people in the safe zone is usually a break, especially for repeat offenders.

I am bringing a xeroscape, bee-friendly plant for each kid to add to the gardens around the church. If they’d like to plant it themselves, yay! If not, we parents can do some planting too.

Lunch on your own, but let’s aim for a 1 o’clock sundae break. If everyone brings an ice cream they like + two toppings, we should have PLENTY of choices. Monica’s grabbing sundae cups/spoons/cheap toppings at the $1 store. We’ll set up a table at 1 o’clock for the best ice cream celebration + sit on blankets to enjoy it together.

Don’t forget to grab your trophy on the way out today! (Leftover trophies = trash.)

Lastly, we do have some surplus money at the end of this semester. If you haven’t already, please fill out this form to let us know how you’d like to spend it.

This week, please bring:
Obstacle course bits your kids want to use and/or chalk
Water guns + miscellany
Swim gear + towels
Blanket/chairs for sitting outside
An ice cream to share (with a scoop, please!) + two toppings
Lunch, snacks + drinks for your people

Our semester is over. Here’s how we can still hang out…

May 14-16 Camping at Sand Dunes National Park
We’re getting organized for this trip. If you’d like to reserve a spot, please check the camping post to see if there’s still room.

June 5 Weekly Bear Creek Lake Park (with a Clear Creek alternative) swimming schedule begins!

August 20-23 Camping at Pickle Gulch Park in Nederland. Sign up here.

September 11 First day of Fall Semester 2023


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