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AR – April 4: Candle-Making + Fishing Adventure

Wilder’s dipped candle (2020) Candle-making time! Please bring whatever supplies you’d like to use for making candles. I have several pounds of organic beeswax pastilles I’ll bring to share, and I have wicking for dipped candles (it’s not thick enough for poured). Those who wish to pour candles, which is easier, will need to buy …

This Week in Pictures: March 30

AR – March 28: Rock Pounding + Stone Soup

We’re breaking rocks! Bring some collected rocks to try smashing, preferably different colors, plus a hammer + a pair of goggles/eye protection. We’re going to pound rocks to see what’s inside! We can bring bowls and jars to collect different colors of grit and powder to make pourable, sand-style art in small jars. Gray (her …