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Last Week in Pictures: November 27

Last Week in Pictures: November 13

We’ve had a lucky streak, but here’s the winter weather… So pretty though. Sorry, we didn’t get any photos – or permission to post! – from yesterday’s swimming contingent. Fingers crossed for sunshine this coming Thursday!

Last Week in Pictures: November 6

Last Week in Pictures: October 30

Last Week in Pictures: October 23

Last Week in Pictures: October 16

AR – May 9: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party (+ Make-up Water Day)

Prepare for our end-of-semester party, the Alice in Wonderland tea! We are planning to create a long table, like in the story, where we can all sit outdoors with myriad teapots and enjoy a feast of yummy foods. Jennifer sent the most magical list of party ideas. Can everyone try to watch the movie/read the …

AR – May 2: Water, Water, Water, Goop

Okay, it better be warm, because we’re doing the blasters again! We’re setting up for the usual watery mayhem with whatever your kids like to use. I will bring some water balloons – just know that we’ll spend some time picking the pieces out of the grass later on – and have asked for access …

AR – April 18: Slime Science + Easter-themed Games

Easter-themed Hide + Seek Games! Please bring a dozen (or some even number you’ll remember) refillable, plastic eggs for each of your children + a bucket or bag to carry them. We’ll fill the eggs together and hide them for a group hunt. It doesn’t matter what you bring to fill the eggs – anything …

AR – April 11: Knife Skills + First Aid

Yep, we’re doing the stuff with alllllll the sharp edges. We’ll talk first about the blood barrier/blood circle – or watch this intro to carving + chat at home. Please bring whatever knives you + your kids are comfortable using. We can search for sticks or bring our own. We can also “carve” apple swans. …