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It’s our last week, so let’s celebrate together! We’re going to craft it up with allllll of the holiday crafts. Becky’s got some egg crate crafts (or this one, or this one…), and Alison found some beautiful stars to fold from paper bags – so bring any paper bags and paper egg crates and join in. I have a pile of paintable, wooden holiday things, mostly candlesticks + stars, that the kids can choose from, paint and bring home. We’ll also cut snowflakes from coffee filters. If you have something else to add, bring it!

Around 12pm, we’ll enjoy a fancy tea together, holiday dress optional. I’m bringing teapots for hot water, and the kids can pour their own for tea. We have a stock of herbal teas to share, or you can bring your own. Does anyone have a holiday tablecloth we could use? Please bring a snack to share, and we’ll decorate an area for our party with the things we’ve made. Pinkies up!

This week, please bring:
Crafting supplies – scissors for your people, paper bags, an egg crate, paint
Tea-time snack to share + preferred milk/sweetener alternative
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share


End of semester in our rental space. Signup for Spring Semester 2022 coming in January!

Dec 18 Full Moon Family Hike – Saturday, December 18 @ 5pm (South Table Mesa)


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