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This Week in Pictures

Sorry there’s a lot this week… We were just too cute to skimp. 😉 If anybody wants me to include their pix in the future, please send them to me. I maybe won’t use them all, but maybe I will! (Also, for the record, I just dump them all on here and the app auto-formats …


This Week in Pictures

AR – January 31: We’re Back + sdrawkcaB!

AR = Arvada. This week our semester begins, and that means two locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place on the right day with the right stuff! Hello and welcome to a new semester of Wildlings! We’ll have quite a few new visitors this first week and I know …

Last Week in Pictures

Thanks to everyone who joined us for making our semester so much fun! Can’t wait to see what we do next year. Happiest Holidays, Wildlings! Pictured above: Monday, December 13 holiday party; Saturday, December 18 Full Moon Hike; + Wednesday, December 22 indoor camping (with more and more soap).

AR – December 13: Holiday Party!

It’s our last week, so let’s celebrate together! We’re going to craft it up with allllll of the holiday crafts. Becky’s got some egg crate crafts (or this one, or this one…), and Alison found some beautiful stars to fold from paper bags – so bring any paper bags and paper egg crates and join …

Last Week in Pictures

AR – December 6: LEGO Robotics + Sports

Interesting combo, no? You can’t see me, but I am winking. This week we’re exploring LEGO robotics, using Jessica’s kits* – just so we’re not all mixing up our bricks. These STEM kits work by pairing LEGO’s robotics app with a battery-loaded motor. We’ll use the app to code each contraption to move. Kids can …

Last Week in Pictures

IH – December 1: Pajama + Pie Day!

We’re going for COZY today, so wear pajamas! Don’t tell the kids yet, but I’m trying to borrow a projector so we can watch a movie on the pull-down screen in the corner. Maybe bring blankets + pillows – comfy stuff for stretching out on the floor. We can watch something seasonal, like Elf, after …