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Interesting combo, no? You can’t see me, but I am winking.

This week we’re exploring LEGO robotics, using Jessica’s kits* – just so we’re not all mixing up our bricks. These STEM kits work by pairing LEGO’s robotics app with a battery-loaded motor. We’ll use the app to code each contraption to move. Kids can build something and then figure out how to get it to move, or follow the directions and build for specific outcomes. If your kid wants to go her own way, please bring an iPad/iPhone/laptop with the software prepped, so she can pair and go. We’ll encourage teamwork on these, so that we have enough bricks, motors + devices to go around. We will also use bricks to build…anything else we want, powered or no.

*To be clear, I don’t know precisely which kits, but she mentioned an elephant so I used that pic.

It’s still supposed to be not-snowing outside, so let’s bring sports + playground equipment – basketball, soccer, football, scooters, whatever your kids will use – and make the most of our mild “winter” weather.

We’ll plan our holiday party/last session of the semester. Got ideas? Bring them.

Also, if your kids feel like baking, bring that. If they want to dress up, bring that. I try to keep it focused on here, so we know where to aim at a glance. But when it gets cold, we tend to run through all the activities. And that’s okay! Feel free to bring what you like.

Games + Activities Table
We will continue to share a table of games, puzzles and/or crafting materials. Bring whatever calming materials your kids enjoy + can share.

This week, please bring:
Crafting supplies
A blanket/chairs/hammocks for lounging + lunch
Lunch + snacks for your people
A game, craft or puzzle to share


Dec 13     Holiday Party ! Cookie Decorating + formal tea       
Fancy dress optional, some kind of holiday craft? Let’s discuss…

Dec 18 Full Moon Family Hike – Saturday, December 18 @ 5pm (South Table Mesa)

End of semester


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