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Last Week in Pictures: November 13

We’ve had a lucky streak, but here’s the winter weather… So pretty though. Sorry, we didn’t get any photos – or permission to post! – from yesterday’s swimming contingent. Fingers crossed for sunshine this coming Thursday!

Last Week in Pictures: November 6

Last Week in Pictures: October 30

Last Week in Pictures: October 23

M – October 24: Sweet Science

Sugary experiment week! The experiments are broken up by family, so we can take turns being in charge. Your kids can also lead, if they’d like. I added a link to each experiment for a quick reference point, but you don’t need to stick to that. We’ll go through the list in this order:(1) mentos …


Last Week in Pictures: October 16

This Week in Pictures: October 9

This Week in Pictures: October 2

Camping Trip Pictures: August 28-30

What a beautiful campground + the BEST kind of fall weather! We will definitely do this again, at the request of every child + adult who participated, and perhaps for longer. We all agreed we wished there were 2-3 more days to the trip. We had a blast and came home a little sad the …

Week 12: Pickle Gulch Group Camping Trip – August 28-30, 2022

*As of 8/21, we have four (4) families signed up to camp. We definitely have space for 2 more families, if anyone else is interested.* We have a group site up in Blackhawk at Pickle Gulch. Reservation made for site 1. We’re allowed up to 30 people + 6 vehicles per site. Tents only. Cost …