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Last Week in Pictures: November 27

Last Week in Pictures: November 13

We’ve had a lucky streak, but here’s the winter weather… So pretty though. Sorry, we didn’t get any photos – or permission to post! – from yesterday’s swimming contingent. Fingers crossed for sunshine this coming Thursday!

Last Week in Pictures: November 6

M – November 7: Cardboard Neighborhood

It’s that time again! Jennifer + Monica are organizing the pickup of bicycle boxes for the kids to use. Each kid will have one large box, plus whatever else you bring, to create a structure for the town. Bicycle boxes are a thicker material and difficult to cut into small pieces, so other cardboard is …

AR – March 14: Town II, Mummies + Potato Chips

Town II. If our boxes have survived (fingers crossed, two snows later!), we’ll resurrect Boxtown. We’ll need more duct tape, glue and sharpies – and of course a new mayor! We can check on this project first, and then move the other stuff around depending on how well the boxes have held up and whether …

AR – March 7: Engineering a Town + Cereal Celebration

It’s time for cityscaping! Jennifer’s family is dropping off bicycle boxes for us to use to build a town. We’ll move the tables and chairs to make room for building a full town. Everyone can have their own space/box – whether it’s a house or a business is up to each kiddo! – to decorate …

November 20 – Hand Sewing, Cardboard Play + a Wrap Party Lunch

Too much? Possibly, but we’re whipping through projects lately, so… Let’s sew something! Please bring your scrap felt + fabric this week for some sewing practice. These pictures look super feminine, which wasn’t my intention. But as Wilder has sewn a knife, I swear there are more gender-neutrally inspiring things that I can’t find pictures …