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This Week in Pictures: September 12

M – September 12: Obstacles + Slime

M – Monday. This week our semester begins, and that means two different days + locations. Please read titles carefully to ensure you’re going to the right place with the right stuff! Monday info usually posts on Friday. Hello and welcome, everyone! We start at 10 o’clock at the usual place. (New people have received …

This Week in Pictures: April 22

This Week in Pictures: April 14

AR – September 20: Tie-Dye Week + Animal Children

Yep, we’re dyeing a bunch of stuff. I bought these dyes, see photo, for $50. That’s about $3/kid, and the labels say we can dye over 100 items – or 5-6 things per kid. I also have a tub of rubber bands and some popsicle sticks. Here’s a tutorial with 17 tie-dye patterns. Read up …

AR – September 13: Water, Water, Everywhere

Yep, we’re doing water again before the weather turns to legit fall. Bring water balloons, water guns, tubs for water, water chalk AND (plot twist) water colors – those are just for painting. All of the water things in one day. And maybe a change of clothes? Also, here’s our semester schedule for the Monday …

August 23 – Paper Airplanes + a Clay “Donut” Stand

It’s crafty week! The vote was divided between these two activities, and we definitely have the space and time to do both. So we are. It’s also our last session before fall semester. Please let me know if you’ve invited friends to join us. We are expecting a bigger crowd this week before the groups …

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August 16 – Fizzing Chalk Paint + Popsicles

Did you know painting can be tactile and interactive? Well, it can with fizzing paint. We’re going to make paintable sidewalk chalk that can be “activated” when sprayed with vinegar. It will get messy, but we have a whole parking lot to cover! It’s the same baking-soda-and-vinegar science experiment they’ve been doing for years, just …

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